Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons

I’m going to vent some anger here, just… skip this post.

I really love Subcultura. It’s this site for webcomics, kinda like Smackjeeves but in Spanish. People have always been nice to me there so I encourage my Spanish talking friends to upload their stuff there all the time.

Except the forums are full of douchebags. Of the worst kind. 

At first I posted a lot in the forums but I’ve practically stopped. Most of the posts make me angry or sad. Everyone is just… so harsh with newcomers. Like, they make a post to introduce their comic and everyone is just… cruel. 

"Your art sucks", "your grammar is terrible", "you’re doing everything wrong", "why are you doing manga if you’re not Japanese"… 

I know it’s ok to get criticism. It helps you to improve your skills. I also hate bad grammar on comics and I’m not really fond of the most stereotypical manga styles. But… is there really need to be so mean about it?

Artists learn. We make mistakes all the way, and it takes strength to realize and keep going. I know I make mistakes a lot and I’m still learning, as I’ve been learning my whole life and will keep doing in the future, because no matter if I screw up and get criticized and not many people care for what I do, I know next month I’ll be better than this one. And next year I’ll look back at my current art and feel ashamed. 

But I don’t know if I would have kept on drawing if a group like the Subcultura people came and treated me as if I was worthless. I would feel hurt and discouraged and really depressed. 

The worst part is, most of these newcomers are actually kind of talented. Not the best, maybe, but they have potential if they keep going. And some of the guys being douches to them are not more talented than the people they’re judging. They suck, actually, but they act all high and mighty because they’ve been on the website for a longer time. 

I really hate all this. And I hate the fact that I’m too shy and sick to post on the forums and tell them they’re being horrible because then they’re going to be pissed at me and I’m not currently feeling good enough to deal with that. 

  1. felipechoque said: los foros siempre son horrendos, hay que ser un supermaster de la sutileza intersocial retórica para no ser insultado instantáneamente! por eso solo me fijo en los hypes y comentarios de las tiras y nada más :P
  2. romana-ii said: Creo que el truco esta en aprender a diferenciar entre la gente que solo esta siendo cruel y los que tienen autenticos comentarios constructivos. Pero no es facil, y quien sabe cuanto talento se ha perdido gracias a los irritantes. Odio los foros.
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  4. arabrax said: You can always help to the one that was aggraved. When the people is feeling good, for any or other reason, they don’t care about negative opinions. And that’s how we can help. There’s always something to do.
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